Ahoy There, Network Marketing Ocean-Goers!

See that network marketing lighthouse up there? Cool, eh?

I’ve got a long-time fascination with lighthouses. Ever since watching Shirley Temple’s Captain January as a kid I’ve loved not only the idea of why they’re there, but the romance of them, the many shapes and sizes and facts about them. I’m on record with my wife as not being opposed to the idea of living in one someday. Ah, solitude.

New Network Marketing Presence

So with that backdrop in mind, it may not seem too awfully funny that when I set out to launch this new network marketing site and was thrashing around for some sort of theme upon which to set it, the whole lost-at-sea, nautical, guiding-light sort of thing came to mind. I needed a way of illustrating what I’m trying to do by writing here.

And just what am I trying to do?

Network MarketingI’m trying to be an honest voice in a sea of voices.

Navigating The Network Marketing Ocean

By no means are all the voices in the sea dishonest, but if you’ve had even one trip across the Online Network Marketing Ocean, you know what I’m talking about. Come on. Admit it. Smile.

Let me quickly emphasize: I said “honest”, not necessarily correct.

 I Am Not A Network Marketing Guru

I don’t pretend to know it all. I am not a guru when it comes to making money on the internet. I am not a gazillionaire. Neither am I a faceless website promising this or that in Wizard-of-Oz fashion.

What I am, though, is this: A person who has made his first dollar with online network marketing!

Believe me, that’s much more than a lot of wannabe online marketers can say! And I’m here to tell you that it took me a long time to actually reach the point where revenue began to happen consistently!

All that to say that if you’re looking for the direct route to the much-touted “6 Figure Income” – by tomorrow – you are definitely on the wrong network marketing page! But if you contact me – and you can – I’ll be happy to send you to that kind of page if you can’t find one on your own.

Alternatively, if you’re simply interested in finding a truth-certain way of making the “dollars-in” meter beep each and every day – day in, day out, using network marketing – consider yourself to have arrived!

Hence, the lighthouse.

Come on in to safe harbor. I’ll enthusiastically show you what I’m doing and if you’re interested, we’ll do it together and we’ll both benefit! See you in THE COCKPIT on the menu bar above. That’s where we steer the network marketing ship.