Well, folks, although I am not one to make quantum leaps before ascertaining all the facts, it is looking as though the company leaders at Zeek Rewards have not been telling us the whole truth – never a good thing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has now, according to this news article, shut down Rex Venture Group, the owner of the Zeekler.com penny auction site and the Zeek Rewards program about which I have been posting here.

You may have noticed that I’ve pulled down my posts about Zeek Rewards.  I’ve done this because they are obviously not relevant at this point.

While I’ve never tried to “sell” the Zeek Rewards program but have rather simply documented my own experience with it, I nevertheless feel badly for those who may have gotten involved and have now, apparently, lost some or all of their money.  I will say here that to my knowledge no one became involved due to what they read on my site.  I hope that’s the case.

If you’re interested in what the SEC actually has to say, you may want to take a look at the complaint itself.  I’ve printed it to have on hand for future reference.  Having been a bit of a student of the Zeek Rewards inner workings, I find this a fascinating read.  It definitely provides a whole new perspective on the matter.

Meanwhile, having approached Zeek Rewards in a very conservative manner, I move on from here with lessons learned for future online endeavors.  For the fact remains:  Tenacity Trumps Talent!