Inquiring Minds Want To Know. Really?

I was born in 1955. You do the math.

I’m a happily married father of three, grandfather of ten and, yes, believe it or not, great grandfather of four.

I love working with people, teaching and developing friendships.

I graduated from Seattle’s Shoreline Community College with a AA in Vocal Performance. Yep, I love to sing. I also have a BA in Christian Education from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Over several years I managed to parlay all that education into a number of interesting, but wealth-inhibiting J.O.B.’s. I’ve worked in the construction, transit and non-profit industries.

In 1992, I realized that in order to do the things I really wanted to do, I’d have to stop being an employee. An entrepreneur was born.

Through hard work on a number of endeavors that included Network Marketing, in 2008 I was able to reach a long-coveted goal: I now work not only FROM home, but AT home! I’m living the dream and I love the commute!

I promise you that with any of my “opportunity” recommendations, there will be a real, accessible person here to either answer your questions or help find the answers. By so doing, I hope, over time to earn your trust, friendship and respect as a fellow marketer. In fact, I sincerely hope you’ll out-market me!